Begin Your Martial Arts Journey!

131356041_1246155659136793_6765980790412021997_nWelcome to Genesis Martial Arts!  Our mission is simply to build quality martial artists and provide the very best experience for our members.217723323_1259349361150756_3329489795735986724_nThrough our memberships and partnerships with World Taekwondo, Wisconsin State Taekwondo, and Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarters, we deliver exactly what our members deserve through top tier instruction and proven programs that have been designed for great success.
212432250_1252678298484529_2392148406438827157_nContact us and set up your trial membership in the program you are interested in.  Once you experience it for yourself, you will understand why we chose the name “Genesis”.  Your martial arts experience is most important to us, and it is the beginning of a great journey!wt