Frequently Asked Questions

Why Genesis is the clear choice!


Which style of martial arts do you teach?
Our club teaches Jidokwan style Taekwondo.  We adhere to World Taekwondo and Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarters standards.  All color belt ranks issued are recognized nationally by most Taekwondo organizations and legitimate clubs.  All black belt degree ranks issued are recognized nationally and internationally by World Taekwondo, Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarters and any clubs that adhere to their standards.

Do you offer discounts for multiple family members?
We sure do!  A second family member receives a 10% discount.  A third family member receives a 20% discount.  A fourth family member receives a 30% discount.  We have many current members who take advantage of these discounts and fully encourage using them.

Do you have lengthy membership contracts or termination fees?
No, all of our programs are month-to-month and renew monthly on the same date that you originally signed up.  We do not charge large signup fees.  There are no termination fees.  Our members continue with us because they are happy with our quality instruction and service.  If you ever have to put your membership on hold for any reason, you may resume later without any fees.

Do you offer punch card or drop-in memberships?
We only offer punch card and drop-in memberships as a courtesy for family members of current members.  We believe that martial arts training requires a commitment and encourage regular attendance so your skills/knowledge grow and develop properly.


I’ve never done this before. What should I expect?
You don’t have to have experience to join martial arts.  We will take the time to teach you how to stretch properly, the proper way to punch, the proper stances and kicks.  You will learn the fundamentals in order to progress properly and with confidence.  During your one week trial, all you need is typical workout clothing that you are comfortable in.

Will martial arts teach discipline and confidence?
The history of martial arts is based on discipline.  To progress, you practice.  “A black belt is simply a white belt that didn’t quit”.  The martial arts are a great way to improve self-discipline.  Repetition is the key to advancement: coming to class regularly, continually working on techniques and building speed and accuracy.  When you build self-discipline and see what you are accomplishing and what your body can do, your self-confidence rises as well.  We all have rough days, but it is up to us to remind you of what you have achieved, and how much more there is to learn.

Will your program teach self-defense to deal with bullies?
Bullying has become a very big problem in our society, from young kids to older adults.  Those who are picked on are usually those who are more soft-spoken, who have less self-confidence and don’t show off.  One aspect of the martial arts is to build self-confidence by learning what your body can do physically and creating a strong mind-body connection.  We discuss and teach how to be more aware of your surroundings, how to avoid confrontational situations and what to do if you do end up in a situation that warrants defending yourself physically.

What age is best to start my child in martial arts?
Children develop at different levels.  Our Junior Taekwondo program is for children 5 and up.  We have found that children 3-4 years old are usually not ready for true, focused classes and it is best to wait until they are closer to 5 years old to begin.  We suggest our one week trial so we can get a good sense of your child’s physical ability as well as their ability to follow instruction.  The one week trial also gives you the chance to see what our program is about and if it is the right program for you and your child.


How many belt ranks are there?
There are ten Gup ranks for color belts from 10th to 1st Gup.  These are followed by deputy black belt (Bo Dan) and black belt (Cho Dan).  After these are nine Dan ranks for black belts from 1st to 9th Dan.  Clubs that use pink belt, camo belt, belts with multi-colored stripes, an unusually large number of Gup ranks or have a special belt system for children are not operating under the traditional ranking system.

How will you teach my child not to be aggressive or bully others?
The code of conduct for martial arts is strict.  We use our art to avoid physical confrontation, and to defend ourselves if necessary, but not to be a bully.  Use of martial arts skills to hurt others (outside of self-defense) can get you expelled from our program.

Can I start martial arts if I’m not in great shape?
Yes!  We will help you set your goals to attain physical fitness.  These include flexibility, toning, strengthening and cardio fitness.  Let us help you get motivated and in shape!

Do I need to be athletic to be in martial arts?
No, in fact many people who do not excel at other sports truly blossom in martial arts.  You will build strength, agility, flexibility and accuracy as you learn the techniques.


How do I progress?
You will advance in rank as you show proficiency in the specific techniques, forms, board breaking, knowledge, etc. for your current belt rank.  You will be given specific stripes on your belt to show this proficiency.  Junior members take part in our home and school accountability programs that provide us with direct feedback from parents and teachers.  Along with this, parents and members discuss and set goals with the instructor.

Will I or my child get hurt doing martial arts?
Safety is first, but as in any sport, there is the possibility of injury.  We take every precaution to assure you are learning proper stretching, technique and safety practices to stay healthy.  If you have any pre-existing injuries or health conditions, please let us know so that we may plan for any adjustments to your training.

How many people are in a class?
Depending on program, there are anywhere from 15-20 members in our junior classes and 5-10 members in our teen/adult classes.  There are multiple instructors and black belt leadership team members in most classes to ensure each member has one-on-one time with an instructor.

How long does the program last?
We run classes year-round and do not have seasons or sessions.  You may start at any time.  We would hope to see you make martial arts a life choice.  With each level, you are learning new techniques that build on past techniques.  In addition, there are many levels past black belt, and we have programs designed to continue to make the journey interesting and exciting while you grow in skill and knowledge.